Friday, July 26, 2013

Best Seitan Roast recipe

Here is an excellent technique to create flavorful, moist and
easy slicing Seitan Roast
The texture is delightful!

We used the SIMPLE SEITAN recipe from the The Veganopolis Cookbook.
+ heaping TBS of Smoked Paprika

Blend liquid ingredients and spices in a processor.
Add the Vital Gluten and blend to just incorporated into liquids.

Instead of kneading the mixture it is simply formed into a loaf or 2.

Sear all sides on a hot skillet.
This seals in moisture and keeps texture intact.
Next place in a roasting pan that has a tight lid.
Place roast in covered by 2 inches of veg stock,
mushroom broth and/or even a dash of Liquid Smoke.
Cover tightly and cooked at 350 for 1 hr and 15.

You will probably never cook Seitan any other way.

We also slice thick portions and grind/chop for Bolognese.

Change up the spice blends in the recipe for different cuisines.

The Seitan Roasts in this photo even had Horseradish added.