Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Pan Seared Brussels Sprout

Of all the ways to prepare Brussell Sprouts this is my favorite
Why boil away that nice flavor and firm texture?

Seared Brussels Sprout Vegan Style

2 Brussels Sprout
1 Shallot or 2 teaspoons, fine dice
2 teaspoons Vegan Margarine/Spread
1/4 C Veg Stock
Juice of 1/2 Lemon
Cracked Pepper and Salt to taste.

Place Brussels Sprout in a bowl and shake
several times to assist removing loose outer leaves.

Place a skillet on medium high flame.

With a small prep knife slice stem to flush with
body of sprout.
Half the Brussels Sprout
Dice Shallot
Place margarine in hot skillet
When that just begins bubbling add Shallot
Heat for 1-2 minutes or until clear
Turn flame to high, add Brussels Sprout
Add several grinds of Pepper + a sprinkle of Salt
Sear to dark in color stirring frequently
Cook until 'blackened'.
Once they are seared add Veg stock, cover
Simmer,covered, for about 2 minutes

Add Lemon juice, taste for Salt and Pepper

Other choices:
Toss in a handful of slivered Almonds after simmering and
stir until Almonds are slightly browned

Add a Sprinkle of ground Smoked Almonds

Same technique minus Lemon juice:
Saute with Roasted Sesame Oil sprinkle Black Sesame Seeds

Try using the very least amount of fat/oil or vegan spread in
sautes and substitute Veg Stock for needed moisture
This leaves vegetable flavors textures more intact
Keep a jar of prepared Veg Stock in the cooler, ready to use