Thursday, December 6, 2012

Roasted Pablano Mashed Potatoes

This is a nice side in place of Rice.

3 Pablano Peppers were roasted on stove top directly on flame
Turning with tongs until all sides are blackened

Place in a bowl and cover with a dish to 'steam' loosen skin
Set aside

Prepare Potatoes
Yukons used here
Peel , dice medium.
Placed in a bowl of cold water to remove extra starch.
Drain, bring to boil in water just covering, + 1 tsp salt.
Once boiling bring to simmer until tender, fork slides through.

Mash with a little buttery spread or vegan beverage such as plain
Rice, Almond, Soy, etc.
Add pinches of Nutmeg and Cayenne
I often use my Cuisinart processor
Set aside and keep on low heat or covered in a warm oven

Prepare Peppers:
Remove skins and seeds along with top stem.
Place in food processor with a little salt, cumin + a tsp or 2 of Olive oil.
Blend until smooth
Whip into mashed potatoes.

Option: Blend Peppers with a little Cashew Ricotta in place of Oil.

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