Friday, December 28, 2012

Sweet and White Smashed Potatoes

Every year about holiday time I will hear at least 5 times
"I don't like Sweet Potatoes"

Perhaps ,like Broccoli, past preparations the person has
experienced are lame or plain kooky.
Never understood the Marshmallow-Sweet Potato thang.

This is no breakthrough but a reminder you can enjoy
Sweet Potatoes Smashed (mashed) with 1/2 White Potatoes.
Add a little White Pepper and a pinch or 2 of Nutmeg,
Salt to taste and enjoy this great combo.

Since white potatoes of all kinds cook a tad quicker I either
cook both together with the Sweet Potato dice smaller.
Other option is to boil in separate pots.

Peel, dice and place in a bowl of cold water.
I change water twice to remove excess starch.

Bring to boil in water just covering potatoes.
Once at boil bring down to simmer to better
control cooking process to just fork tender through.

If I am baking for a couple of hours I will pop a few Sweet Potatoes
plus a Russet in the oven, pierced several times, bake to soft
for smashing for dinner or the following day.
Save energy and double up!


Sweet Potatoes and Yams are 2 different plants.
Sweet Pototaoes, like s few other vegetables, produce nictotine.
Good for you! : )

HAPPY 2013!