Thursday, October 25, 2012

Stuffed Baked Mini Pumpkin

                             This little pumpkin casts a spooky shadow.

                              These are not just for decoration.
                              When Veganopolis served diners these
                               they would comment:
                              "This is now my favorite squash of all!"
                               Mildly sweet with lots of flavor.

                              Firmly hold mini pumpkin sideways
                              Catch a groove with your knife and slice off top
                              Sits a tad lopsided? Level with a surface slice on bottom.
                              Clean out seed and strings
                              Brush a light coating of Olive Oil inside along with
                              Salt and Pepper.
                              If I were just adding a cube of Cashew or Almond Cheese
                              I would add  a Bay Leaf inside.

                              For this recipe I 1/4'd and sauteed  Brussell Sprouts
                              and diced Crimini Mushrooms with Shallot
                              and a splash of White Wine, Salt and pepper

                              At the end of the saute I tossed in a handful of Pumpkin
                              Seeds I had roasted with Smoky Chili Powder
                              + a little Sweet Rice Vinegar along with
                               2 Tbsp of Veganopolis Sour Cashew Cream
                              Fill Pumpkin to the brim, replace top
                               Bake 30 min at 350 .
                                I prefer the top a little more browned.

                              One of my favorite stuffings was  ground Seitan spiked
                              Holiday Dressing + Cranberries.

                              Grab a dozen at the market and store in a cool place.

                              Happy Halloween! Go Vegan!


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