Sunday, October 21, 2012

Oh that Versatile Seitan

Took this photo when I arrived back froma morning Feral Cat trap/neuter and
found David had made a Seitan BLT. Thanks , I needed that!

Seitan is so versatile,low fat and protein builder rich.
Once you get the asy Sinple Seitan try your hand at textures and flavors,
A batch or 2 along the way that isn't up to snuff is worth the experimenting.

I belive Seitan could alleviate many areas of the world suffering from hunger.
I also believe more children should learn how to make it and enjoy eating
it to reduce obesity.
A 'clean' , versatile, easy to create staple.
It is simply a solid food and not 'fake meat'.
The style represented here
Every 10 days I cook up a batch of Seitan Burgers or Fillets.
They differ from the stove top in that a tad less Vital Gluten is used,
more moisture  is added ( Tahini and Tomato Paste)
+1 1/2 TBSP Black Bean, Garbanzo, Lentil or other Bean flour.
1 1/2 C of Vegan Stock per 2 1/3 C Vital Gluten.
Try your hand at experimenting with amounts.
This style is less dense than Simple Seitan and therefore
 more easily absorbs marinades and other flavorings.
This  batch was created with what some chefs call:
                     'Steak Seasoning'.
 +Sea Salt, Dill Seed, Black pepper, Coriander, Garlic
   Powder, Onion Powder and Smoked Paprika.+
                added to the Vital Gluten
Shape, flatten, scissor edges to even.
Pan Brown on a hot skillet, bake for 1 Hour
in one layer set a large casserole dish, covered with V Broth
Cover with fitted top or tight foil.
 for 75 MIN @350

 Here David sliced a Fillet, marinated it in Liquid Smoke
 then  pan browned for a Vegan SLT, if you will.
 Add a little Seasoned Rice Vinegar to such a marinade as it assists in absorption.

 Sometimes people ask 'Well what do I do with it?"

 Just a few applications for this style Seitan:
 Pulsed to ground in processor + Fennel Seed for sausage
  In tacos, on pizza, for breakfast, Sloppy Josey, Bolognese,
  Stuffed Peppers, Eggplant, add some to Holiday stuffing.
                     or perhaps
 Sliced for Sandwiches on Crusty Bread with Vegan Dipping Sauce

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