Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Vegan Prawns? 2 applications with Sophies Vegan Prawns -click 4 info

Spotted these products in the freezer section and decided to give 'em a whirL.

1.Vegan Prawn Ceviche
Non Vegan Guests at this dinner just couldn't get enough of this dish!
Not a product I usually purchase but I enjoyed creating thses dishes.
Veganopolis was regularly criticized for using mock meats but we gained
 a huge mainstream audience. For the animals is my motto.
Alongside Mexican Style Salad Platter with Mex Orange Creme.
Orange Creme: I used soaked slivered almonds as my base.(4 hours)
+ Seasoned Rice vinegar,a splash of Olive oil for smoothness, fresh O.J.,
fresh Lime Juice,zest, salt to taste. A refreshing salad dressing.
Sub Vegan Sour Cream,Vegan Mayo or Soft Tofu for your base.

2.Sophie's Kitchen Vegan Prawns Chinese Style for David and I
with Black Bean and Garlic Sauce, Shallot,Broccoli, Yellow Bell

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