Saturday, March 17, 2012

Vegan Reuben Bread Pudding

Vegan Reuben Bread Pudding
Elements: Corned Seitan, Vegan Sourdough and Dark Rye,
Daiya Cheese,Sauerkraut
Sauce: Cashews,Red Wine Vinegar Vegan Stock,Vegan Worcestershire,
Dijon,Cracked Pepper, Caraway Seeds and spices.
Corning: For 2lbs Seitan.
2 C Red Wine Vinegar , bring to boil and then simmer to reduce by half.
Add 1 C Vegan Stock; simmer to reduce by approx 1/3.
While those elements are reducing place sliced Simple Seitan in a
braising pan along with 1 medium Carrot, one inch pieces, one Shallot or 2, peeled and halved, 3 Garlic Cloves and a Bay Leaf or 2, Salt, Cracked Pepper.
If you desire a reddish color add a few slices of Beet here or to the reduction.
Pour reduced mix over Seitan, and braise for 30 min in a 300 preheated oven.

A 10 minute bike ride away we are fortunate to have a bakery that makes
the greatest old world rye and black breads. All natural ingredients

Just for fun here is a photo of my Grandma O'Connor holding my Father in
Killarney, Ireland from way back in the day.

Monday, March 5, 2012

Saffron Flageolet Bean w/Spinach, Basil Chickpea Frittata and more

French Flageolet Beans with Baby Spinach
Chickpea-Basil Frittata
Herb Roasted-Balsamic Tomatoes
Black-Eyed Pea -Beet Patty w/ Parsley-Cashew Sauce

Large on protein and needed after a rigorous workout.

How it went down:

Flageolet-Spinach Saute
Soak 1 C Flageolet Beans overnight and rinse vigorously.
Simmer in a white wine-Saffron stock to boil for 5 minutes.
Lower heat and simmer at medium adding vegan stock as hour+
(TIP: Once cooked to semi soft the beans can be stored and used later)
Add 1 TBSP Apple Cider Vinegar at an hour simmer
to encourage good digestion/breakdown.
Reduce to about 1 C stock in simmer.

In second saute pan heat a splash of Olive Oil:
add 2 Shallots, fine chop + 1 Garlic clove, sliced
Cook for 2 minutes on low flame.

Stir 2+C Baby Spinach +
+ White Pepper, Salt + few grates of nutmeg to cure Spinach 'chalkiness'
Stir one minute and add 1/3 C Vegan Stock
+ Splash of Lemon juice-optional

Heat and stir a few minutes to soften Spinach.
Taste for Salt-Pepper balance.
Add Saffron Flageolet Beans and stir to blend.


Preheat oven to 400.
Core and quarter 4-5 Tomatoes
Place on a parchment covered and lightly sprayed baking sheet.
Drizzle a little good Balsamic, Olive Oil, Salt, Pepper,
+ Dry Herbs of your choice: Italian Blend, Oregano, etc.
Roast until blackened as pictured.


For this particular Vegan Frittata I used a store bought mix that does
not involve creating your own blend and has good directions.
I often begin explaining recipes from my perspective as as a career chef
and see eyes glaze over.

Understood if you have never worked in the environment or are a novice.

Whole Foods was offering a special on this 'new' product:
LUCINI Tuscan Chickpea Frittata Mix
This is a good mix with a guaranteed successful result.
I like that they instruct to 'HEAT THE PAN' in the oven for
several minutes first. Gourmet instruct.
I cut back a little on the called for 3TBSP Olive Oil.
I used Vegan Bouillon instead of water.
I added chopped fresh Basil and crushed Garlic as well.

Or trys these variations:

A few TBSP of Pesto, Italian Dry HerbBlend, Vegan Cheese,Sun Dried Tom Pesto, Olives, Jalepeno, Chipotle Spices, Chopped Olices, Spinach, Asparagus.

Chickpea Frittata is a hearty and versatile entree so feel free to dollop a bit sauce atop and serve as a full breakfast, lunch or dinner entree.

15oz can Black Eyed Peas-rinsed, simmered 15 min in 2 cups water,rinsed, cooled
1/2 C Beet,shredded
1/4 C Raw Walnuts, chopped
1 1/2 TBSP Flax Meal
2 TBSP Lentil Flour ( Red Lentils ground in a Vitamix)
-sub other bean flour Garbanzo Flour
1 Heaping TBSP Quick Oats-crushed by hand
1 1/2 TBSP Good Balsamic or Vegan Worcestershire Sauce
1/4 C Onion, fine dice
2 tsp Dijon Mustard
2 pinches Cayenne
1 TBSP Whole Fennel Seed
3 TBSP-Herbs-Parsley, Dill or a combination-If dried add 1 TBSP ea.
+Onion Powder, Garlic Powder, White Pepper,Salt to taste
2 TBSP of hot water or vegan stock to mix and activate Flax binder ability

Technique; Add Black-Eyed Peas,Beet,Oatmeal,Lentil Flour,Flax,Spices,Dijon Garlic, Balsamic and hot water/stock to blender.

Remove mixture to a bowl and stir in:
Fennel Seed, Walnuts, Parsley and chopped Onion.
Taste for Salt and Pepper
Add hot sauce at this time if you so desire.

Form patties.

If using subs-Test a patty in a 365 preheated oven for sticking variability.

If needed add a little more Lentil Flour or Oatmeal and work in with hands.

Bake @365/20-30 min on a light-oiled parchment/ covered sheet pan.
Turn once throughout.
Before serving sear the patty on a hot skillet to slightly blacken.

Place 1/4 C Raw Cashews in a blender and blend for 1 minute
Add and blend to smooth the following
1 C Fresh Flat Leaf Parsley Leaves
2 tsp Lemon Juice
2 tsp Seasoned Rice Vinegar (seasoned=sweetened)
Splash of Olive Oil + water added by tsp to desired viscosity/save calories/fat
+Salt,White Pepper and a dash of Ground Cayenne.