Thursday, September 1, 2011

Veganopolis Seitan Caesar Salad

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A very popular salad and will be on the menu our new location.

It was fun watching how customers would use the modifiers to design their own by adding Avocado, Vegan Bakin',and one who always asked for a scoop of Almond Feta. After close at 6pm I would have the time to go into the data base and view all the orders with the creative add ons and try them myself.

Only element missing here is 'Rawmesan':
Soaked Cashews (4 hrs),, placed in a processor and blended with Fresh Lemon Juice, Salt and Nutritional Yeast to form a thick paste .
+ Pine nuts are also great and do not need soaking.
After blending spread thinly in a dehydrator until crumbly.
Spread mixture on parchment covered baking sheets
and place in a 110 oven until dry and crumbly.
TIP+Stir in Herbs, or chopped Parsley if you like, post drying.

Simple Seitan, page 145.
Cut into strips and pan brown.

Veganopolis Caesar Dressing, page 60.
Veganopolis Croutons, page 240
This dressing can be made raw by using soaked Cashews and blending with Olive Oil-cold pressed,Lemon, Garlic,Cracked Pepper, Braggs Apple Cider Vinegar or Red Wine Vinegar and Sea Salt and a dash of Flax Meal.
Season to taste. and enjoy!

Credit to the book 'RAW' by Chicago Chef Charlie Trotter and Roxanne Klein.

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