Friday, August 19, 2011

Pickling Peppers-easy style

This bottle will be in the cooler about as long
as a jar of good pickles which don't last long.
For long term storage a full process is needed.

In this jar
Washed and sliced
Jalepeno Peppers, Banana Peppers, Carrots, Red Onion, 1 Bay leaf

Bring the following to boil then pour over your chosen peppers
in a 1 QT Ball Jar. The recipe below fills a 1 QT.
Turn few times and place in cooler.

Takes 5 minutes:
1+ 1/2 C White Distilled Vinegar
1 + 1/1 C Water
2 TBSP Sugar

While that comes to boil add these to the jar:
1 Heaping TBSP Black Peppercorns
1 + 1/2 TBS Coarse Salt
2 tsp Whole Coriander or Mustard Seeds
2-3 Cloves peeled garlic
1 Bay Leaf and or Dill Stems
( Optional: I had some fresh sweet corn
and added 2 tbsp un-cooked corn off the cob)

Vinegar? Water Boiling?
Place jar filled with sliced vegetables and spices in sink
and pour thevinegar/water mixture into jar.
Close, turn a few times, place in cooler.
Allow to sit for 5 days before enjoying for best results.
Use up within 3-4 weeks time.

Good addition to Vegan Dogs,Roasted Seitan Slices Sandwiches
or just as a condiment for a Mexican Style meal.
I have enjoyed this condiment as a side with a good Vegan Chili.
... Of course the Chili had Roasted Pablano Peppers.

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