Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Spelt Pasta with Basil Cashew Cream and Lemon Seitan

Spelt Pasta with Basil Cashew Cream and Pan browned Lemon Seitan
Side : A simple Spinach sauteed with Sliced Garlic and Shallot

Raw Cashews need not be pre-soaked if using a Vitamix.
If using a food processor, S Blade, soak for 4 hours prior, blend all ingredients.

Vitamix Technique
Grind 1 C Raw Cashews first then add a a few Garlic Cloves,Fresh Basil
Lemon Juice, splash of Seasoned Rice Vinegar, Salt,Pepper and Olive Oil.
If you have some fresh Parsley add a little at the end or use as garni.
I had a bottle of vegan stock in the cooler so I used that to achieve the
desired consistency therefore cutting down on the amount of Olive Oil needed.
Cooked Pasta, drained, returned to pot, stirred in Basil Cashew Cream, served.
+This simple sauce is also great on Cold Pasta to take on a picnic or such.
No worries about spoiling as there is no dairy. Holds well.
Try on KELP Noodles for a tasty Raw Dish. (RAW:Omit Stock, use water.)

Topped with Simple Seitan
Sliced rubbed with Lemon Juice and browned quickly in a skillet.
Once plated I squeezed Fresh Lemon Juice on the Seitan to create
a nice contrast with the Basil Cashew Cream.

Side: Spinach, Sliced Garlic, Shallot Lemon sauteed with Safflower Oil,stock.
Add a little ground Nutmeg to Spinach when cooking ,removes chalkiness.
Topped with Bread crumbs mixed with little Nutritional yeast for cheesy touch

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