Thursday, April 14, 2011

Thai Eggplant stuffed with Quinoa

Thai dinner: The only missing photo is of a platter of Green Curry Seitan that was thoroughly enjoyed by carnivores that evening.
The Peanut Sauce and Green Curry were made quickly and easily in a Vitamix blender.
Quinoa cooked quickly in stock then added to a saute of diced shallot, red bell pepper,a dash of curry and a little fresh basil, 2 minced fresh hot peppers,minced Garlic, salt. Set aside
Halve a few Asian Egglants lengthwise.
Brush insides with a a mixture of aged Soy sauce or Tamari/ Sesame oil.
Bake until browned at 375.
Quinoa mixture:
Add one heaping tablespoon of vegan Yogurt or homemade Cashew Cream to the mixture and heap atop browned eggplant halves. The yogurt added to keep the Quinoa mixture from drying out while finishing in the oven. Sprinkle ground Cashews atop, return to oven, heat to hot. A few minutes under the broiler will suffice.

Also pictured: Rice Stick Noodles with Peanut Sauce and Tofu,Cucumber, Cilantro, Red Onion Salad in Seasoned Rice Vinegar. Fried Tofu app.

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