Friday, April 8, 2011

Smoky Vegan Pecan Gravy

Rub 1 C Raw Pecans with Liquid Smoke and salt.
Set aside for 30 minutes to absorb smoke.
Roast in a preheated 375 oven 8-10 minutes. Let cool, grind fine.
Gravy ingredients: 1/4 C Shallots ,chopped, 1/3 Unbleached Flour,1/2 C Smoked,
1/2 C Roasted ground Pecans, 2 C Vegan Stock.
Also needed: 1 TBSP Safflower Oil and 1/2 C Plain Vegan Rice, Soy,
Hemp or Almond Beverage (pref unsweetened)

Start Gravy: Heat Oil in saucepan, add chopped shallots. Cook shallots stirring 1 minute. Slowly add the 1/3 C Flour to the Shallots whisking all the way.
Cook flour Shallot mixture on medium heat for a minute while whisking.
You are 'cooking' the flour to slightly brown. Next add the ground roasted Pecans , whisking in quickly along with a dash of White Pepper or Grinder Pepper + 1 tsp Salt.

Next: Slowly add stock whisking to smooth, add more , whisk,
until all stock is incorporated.

FINISH: Whisk in 1/3 C of vegan beverage.
Heat another 2 minutes whisking frequently.
Gravy will thicken as it heat to bubbling finish.
For your desired thickness add more Vegan Beverage at this time.
Taste for Salt, Pepper and if desired add a little more Liquid Smoke.
(A PINCH of ground Cayenne adds a nicely enhanced kick)

GLUTEN/FLOUR FREE Version: Grind nuts in blender to fine with spices,Liquid Smoke.
Saute a few Shallots to soft, add blender mix,heat and stir a minute.
Slowly whisk vegan stock and a little Rice/Soy/almond beverage to desired viscosity
If you have VITAMIX allow gravy to cool to room temp
Taste for Salt before serving.

Tip: Leftover smoked ground Pecans?
They make a great topping for salads,Tofu Scramble, Pasta
and even on a sandwich.
This is a good gravy to make in spare time to portion into plastic snack pack bags for the freezer.
Label, date and thaw when desired in a bowl of hot water.
Serve over Biscuits, Seitan, Mashed Potatoes and more.

Try Southern style Veganopolis Roadhouse Burger with Smoky Pecan Gravy
and grilled Onions.

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