Friday, March 18, 2011

Roadhouse Burgers page 155

Black Beans, Spices, Vital Wheat Gluten, Vegan Stock w/1 TBSP Oil now blended
Spices whisked into Vital Gluten Flour.First in to blender rinsed Black Beans.
Slowly add Vital Gluten/Spice mixture alternating with stock.If crumbly when removed from blender wet hands with water or a little oil until crumbs are incorporated.

Knead 10X times. Rest Knead 10x.
The more you knead the chewier and more dense it becomes.
20 Total is sufficient for our preference.
After making Seitan a few times you will get the feel of the density you prefer.

Formed and ready to cut into approx 2/3" x2 1/2" inch thick rounds.
Burgers swell while cooking to the tune of approx 30%+.

Burgers after baking/covered in one inch of stock for 50 minutes.
Replenishing stock often while cooking is crucial.

Cooled and ready to grill or freeze.
Total 8 Burgers.
One smaller burger we ground the stirred in Dry Italian Herbs, Garlic and Whole Fennel Seed for a Pizza topping, pasta dish, appetizer or taco filling.If burgers are dry after thawing warm in a little stock a few minutes or 1 minute in microwave covered. If you prefer patties perfectly round trim edges with a kitchen shears.

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