Monday, March 21, 2011


Roadhouse Burger Pattie with Paprika Cashew Ricotta on A Spelt-Spinach Bun
Cashew Ricotta page 162

The GB Melt
Knife and Fork suggested
Spelt English Muffin with GB Salad comprised of Smashed Garbanzo Beans, Onion,Celery,Shredded Carrot, Vegan Mayo,Parsley (or Dill) Crushed Garlic clove,Lemon Juice,touch of Dijon, Salt,White Pepper, pinch of Cayenne and
Teese Vegan Cheez
( When using canned beans we rinse them first then simmer them for
15 minutes before using)
Add chopped Cured Black Olives, Sun Dried Tomato strips,Pimento orlittle Curry Powder.

Vegan Mayo page 91

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