Thursday, February 24, 2011

Seitan Italian Style

Sliced a loaf of extra Seitan.Halved slices,processed with 2 Cloves smashed Garlic, 2 Tsp Olive Oil.
Into a bowl and added 1 TBSP Dry Italian Herb blend and 1 TBSP Fennel Seed, whole.

It made a great ingredient for this Pizza Bread w/Vegan Mozzarella. Simple Marinara, Spinach,Red Onion,razor sliced Garlic.
Also mini Italian sandwiches on fresh Rosemary-Spelt rolls.

Seitan is so simple to make.
We dedicated an entire chapter to Seitan fun.
Boiled stove top in chunks or cooked loaf style it is very versatile.
Seitan could supply the protein for an entire family very inexpensively.
It is a super protein low in fat and can be flavored many ways.

Bacon tastes the way it does because of the flavors added and process.
The same can be done with Seitan and it is animal and nearly fat free.
Chewy, Grill friendly and stores well refrigerated or frozen.
If a little dry it is easily reconstituted with a little water or stock.

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