Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Pizza and Focaccia dough tip

Comprise flour element of 1/3 Vital Wheat Gluten Flour + 2/3  Flour of your choice
My fav mix is 2/3C White-Unbleached Spelt Flour to 1/3C Vital Gluten Flour
Makes for a more firm and higher protein crust. 
A little sugar in the yeast/warm water mixture is a must.
The yeast needs the sugar to 'dine on' and activate to creamy.

Roasted Vegetable Sauce
 a few  Tomatoes of any kind: Cored and cut into 1/4's
  a few small Onions /1 Large/1/4'd
  A smattering of garlic cloves
  Fennel ,sliced into 1/4 inch slices
  Toss in a bowl with a little Olive Oil, Dried Herbs, Salt, Pepper + a dash of good Balsamic
    Spread on a non stick sheet pan or a lightly sprayed, parchment covered sheet pan.
  Arrange vegetables evenly. Roast @ 405 until slightly browned.
  Remove from oven , allow to cool a bit.
  Place in food processor and adjust seasonings as desired.

  At this time you may heat again in a skillet to boil, reduce to proper consistency.
  You may also add some canned diced tomatoes to the mix to increase yield.

   Nice additions to stir into sauce: Fresh Basil, Black Oil Cured Olives (rough chop), Vegan Parm,
   Like a little smoke flavor/Add a tsp or so of Liquid Smoke to taste.